VSCO Not Working, Crashes, Black/White Screen on Android

Sometimes people encounter problems in the VSCO app which we will highlight here and solve them in non-technical language, so even a common man can solve the problems by following our guide.

Below are some important issues with their solutions.

VSCO Does Not Load or Load Very Slowly

What to do if there is a problem loading the VSCO app even if everything is fine. This can be quite annoying and incomprehensible when no app can be loaded from the App Store and thus cannot be updated. Downloads or updates begin, but only part of the app loads after hours.

Such a VSCO photo and video editor cannot be installed because the download does not start even when connected to the Internet. 

What Do People Often Do When These Things Happen That Don’t Solve the Problem?

  • Restart the downloading
  • Check the internet connection

Major Reasons for Very Slow Loading

  • Size of the app

This is the only reason the file size is large, which makes the app load slower, even though the internet connection is fine.

We now offer Trouble Shooting Guide to the common problems people face on iPhone and Android devices.

VSCO iPhone Issues and Solutions

Here are some of the errors that we found most people claiming, you can follow our solutions below that are suitable for your problem.

  • VSCO iOS app crashes, not working, errors,  black/white screen
  • VSCO iOS app network issues

Solutions to Fix VSCO App Crashes, Not Working & Black/White Screen on Iphone (iOS)

Follow these easy ways to fix VSCO app crashes issues on Iphone.

1- Close and Restart the VSCO app

First of all, restart your device to clear cache that’s helpful to fix minor glitches on all Iphones (13,12,10,8,7,6, SE,XS,XR). The method is following:

  • Swipe from the bottom to the middle of the screen until the app switcher opens
  • Search for the VSCO app
  • Swipe up to close the VSCO app, the same goes for closing the rest of your background apps
  • Restart your iPhone to apply the latest changes and update the system

2- Update VSCO App to the Latest Version for iOS

  • Go to the App Store
  • Search VSCO Once you see it, select “Open”
  • If an update is available, the “Update” option appears

3- Uninstall and Reinstall VSCO iPhone App

Uninstalling VSCO on your iPhone will open the cache and the data of the application, eliminating the temporary archives and data that can be viewed and provided that the VSCO application is blocked or not functioning. Once removed, go to the App Store to download and reinstall VSCO on your iPhone, or you can get premium version of VSCO for ios from here.

4- Update your iPhone to the Latest iOS Version Available

If there are system issues on older versions of iOS, installing the latest version of iOS is likely to resolve the issue.

Tap Settings
Software Update.

5- More Options

Last but not the least Contact to VSCO Customer Support, they will figure out your query well.

Steps to Fix VSCO iPhone app Unable To Connect to Server or Internet Connection Issues

1- Reset Network Settings

To fix network connectivity issues, follow below defined steps on your Iphone.

  • Go to “Mobile Settings” > “General” » “Reset” » “Reset Network Settings”.
  • Pass code asks, enter it
  • Confirm network settings.
  • This action will reset the configuration of your network and restore the default settings.

2- Turn off your VPN in your Settings Menu

If your phone has a VPN installed, this could be a problem, turn it off or delete it for a while and restart your mobile device.

VSCO Android App Issues and Solutions

Problems with their solutions on Android devices are listed: 

  • VSCO has errors/crashing/not working, black/white screen
  • VSCO server network connectivity issues

Steps to Fix VSCO App Not Working, Crashes, Errors or Black/White Screens on Android

Follow the simple steps below to fix VSCO app crashes, and other related glitches on Android devices. 

1- Force Stop the VSCO App

This is the first step which has a lot of chances to solve the problem

  • Open the Device Settings app.
  • Find and select the VSCO app.
  • Select “Force Stop”.

2- Confirm VSCO is Updated to the Latest PlayStore Version

  • Open the Play Store on your device.
  • Find the VSCO app and open its detailed page.
  • If an update is available, the “Update” option appears.

This is the second most result-oriented step to fix VSCO errors.

3- Clear VSCO App Cache and Data

As we know, sometimes the data of websites and apps is stored in cache which needs to be removed. Similarly we will apply here which is as follows.

Go to Mobile Settings > App Management > Select VSCO App > Storage > Clear Data

Steps to Fix VSCO Server Network Connectivity Issues on Android

This problem is due to the low speed of your network, bad internet connection or maybe your internet device is too far away from you.

What to do:

  • Go to Mobile Settings > App management > Select VSCO App > Force Stop > Storage > Clear Data > Ok
  • Go back to the VSCO app tab >> click on Mobile Data >> Allow Background Data Usage >> phone’s Settings >> Connections >>  Mobile Network >> Network Mode
  • If your network is LTE / 3G / 2G, change it to 4G.
  • Relaunch the app

Contact VSCO Directly for Support

If you fail after implementing each method because most users are non-technical and do not fully understand, then this is a good and authoritative way to contact VSCO support and ask your question, they will answer you quickly. Will respond and try to resolve your issues in the best way possible, as their developers and support team understand VSCO issues well.

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