How to Put Your VSCO Link on Your Instagram Bio (Updated)

VSCO is commonly known as Visual Supply Company, is a photography app that allows users to record their moments as images or videos. Users can make simple edits to them with the assistance of filters and tools without using different editing apps and share them with other users of VSCO or on other social media sites. 

The ability to put clickable links to Instagram bios has immensely helped users in various categories; however, it is not extremely versatile. In this case, VSCO creators interact with their fans and followers by generating traffic to their websites from platforms other than Instagram. 

That is an adequate circulation to create a more comprehensive network of interested people about your ideas and content material.

This article provides step-by-step instructions for adding clickable VSCO links to your Instagram bio, with accompanying images to help illustrate the process.

How to Copy Your Clickable VSCO Link for Instagram?

Before you question how to put a VSCO link, you should probably know where and How to copy it from. To begin,

  • Go to the bottom of the page and click on the icon that looks like an emoji. This will take you to the page where you may edit your profile.
  • After that, choose the Edit option that’s located underneath your username.
  • You may now copy the link to your VSCO profile to the clipboard by holding the link in the area labeled “PROFILE LINK.”
  • You may also copy the URL by selecting “Share” from the menu that appears next to the text that reads “Edit.”

How to Put a VSCO Link on Your Instagram Bio?

Now you have a link to your VSCO account, you should add it to the bio section of your Instagram account. You can adjust this in the settings of your profile as follows:

  • Go onto your Instagram Account.
  • Click the profile icon symbol in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Click on Edit Profile.

  • Click on the Bio, and then write followed by your username (for example,

  • To save the changes, click the Blue tick button in the upper right.

Can You Just Paste a Clickable Link on Instagram?

Can You Just Paste a Clickable Link on Instagram?

Yes, you can simply paste a link that is clickable on Instagram. However, the link users may be visible on your profile. Besides your profile, Instagram does not permit direct linking anywhere else within the app. This demonstrates that you cannot copy and paste a clickable link into any comments.

The question that needs to be answered is how you can accomplish this, knowing that Instagram has placed restrictions on it and does not permit you to add more than one link to your profile. 

The correct answer is Ai Schedule, a platform that allows users to include several links in their bios.

How To Put Your VSCO Link on Instagram With AiSchedul?

How To Put Your VSCO Link on Instagram With AiSchedul?

The scheduler is the most crucial feature of AiSchedule download. However, content planning is not the only feature AISchedul can provide its users. This all-in-one tool also allows you to add multiple links to your bio. 

While it is possible to add a VSCO link to your Instagram bio separately, further we will show you how to add VSCO to your Instagram bio. AiSchedul comes with features that make it a top choice.

Let’s begin by reading how to add a link to your VSCO account in your Instagram bio using this platform. Next, we’ll talk about the benefits of doing this. First, create a free account on AiSchedule. 

Then link your Instagram account to this platform. AiSchedule should inform you that it allows you to add and manage several Instagram profiles simultaneously. Then, click the “Manage Account” button.

Now you’re taken to its scheduler after being routed there from your dashboard. Find the tab labeled “Bio-Link,” then click on it. You have arrived at the page where you can add the VSCO link to your Instagram profile. 

Go for the tab that says “Add buttons for CTAs and External Links” and click on it. Finally, enter your VSCO URL, rename the CTA “VSCO,” and add its icon to the thumbnail. 

When your followers click the link in your bio, the link will take them to a landing page of your VSCO link. Simply clicking it will take your followers to your profile.

Why Is The VSCO Link In Instagram Bio Not Working?

Users may not understand why the Instagram link in their bio is not clickable at times; however, the issue can be easily fixed by understanding the specific steps to take to put a clickable link in their bio. 

Now, if the link in your Instagram bio is not clickable, it is possible that you skipped one of the procedures, which will be explained below. Follow these instructions if you want a clickable link in your Instagram bio.

You must have entered the VSCO link in the “Bio” area. As a result of which, it is not working. You need to enter the VSCO account URL in the site labeled “Website.” 

If you put the link in the “Website” column, it will become clickable, but if you put the link in the “Bio” field, your followers won’t be able to click on it. 

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Can You See Who Views Your VSCO Link?

There is currently no way to monitor who is looking at your VSCO profile. VSCO does not have an option that would enable you to perform what you want to do here. You will not know whether someone has seen your profile since you won’t get any notifications.

If VSCO were to publish a profile view history of everyone who has looked at your profile, it would be a severe breach of privacy. You may sigh relief since you won’t have to be concerned about this because it just can’t happen.

If possible, finding out who saw your VSCO account would let you know the kinds of individuals interested in your profile. Once you have this information, you could follow some of these people back and begin interacting with them. 

You should set your VSCO profile to private if you do not want to leave it up to the possibility that a person you do not know may access your profile.

You always have the option to prevent someone from seeing your VSCO feed by blocking them. Users can restrict other users from reading their material by using the blocking feature. 

You must go to the user’s profile to access the ellipses menu. Choose the option “Block” from the drop-down menu. If you had reservations about them reading your profile in the past, they wouldn’t be able to do so now that they are in this location.

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