Why Do Parents Need to Know How VSCO Is Safe For kids?

What is VSCO App?

Vsco is a video and photo editing application that allows their users to share their data on other social media applications like Facebook, Snapchat etc. This application allows their users to make profiles and upload their images into various categories for editing. It provides a high quality view of images and no social interaction within the app, we can say that it is an editing platform where we can create beautiful images.

Moreover, vsco is a good example of a smart revolution where the global network has made video and images and peoples are interconnected with each other, they can also do real time comments on each other images and here it is important for parents that they should take care of their children on this matter.

VSCO Basics

  • Vsco was created in 2011 and its abbreviation is visual supply company.
  • Initially this application was made to recreate the look of camera film cinematography with particular predetermination for various models and creators, it was not a social network but it had a social feature.
  • In the start its basic package has basic editing tools for free on the application and rest of the application like video features are available in a premium package which cost $20.

Parents Should Concern About the VSCO

I am 100% sure you heard about the “VSCO Girl”, this term leads to a contemptuous term for the liberal guy with more fashion as compared to normal sense. The vsco requires the same attention as other photography apps need like instagram, Inshot etc.

  • The photography is nice but it can reveal unintentionally all things like where the user is living, in which they go to, theri home location and much other information that they don’t want to expose on the application.
  • Anywhere there is a chance for people to communicate or interact with each other, there they have potential for abuse like cyber bullying, online grooming and general abusive abusive behavior of adults.
  • Sometimes teenagers also find their work to be stolen by other users and which is difficult to combat.

If your childs are very curious about photography and want to do various experiments with cameras for editing then vsco will be a good choice, but parents should place rules and enforce their child to use software in a good way.

How to Use VSCO Safely

It is important for parents to set rules around the vsco and other editing apps that are used by their children and make sure that they also follow these rules while using it.

  • It is the vsco term of service that this application is suitable for children under 13, so it should be blocked for all that age child by parental control.
  • It should be banned to purchase the app without passcode at operating system level.
  • Before allowing the child to use the vsco, it is necessary to discuss something with your teens like why they want to use this app, how they are planning to use it.
  • There is no specific reason to use vsco instead of other camera software including post production that is accessible in your pc’s without any social attribute.
  • Make the child profile in your presence and check all identifiers and give proper attention to their profile.
  • Sit 2 to 3 days a week to talk to them about the photos and encourage them to be original and give various directions and ideas for applying creativity on the images. These things will enable them to think like you.
  • Motivate them in such a way that any improper message or stranger friend request should be discussed before taking any step on it.
  • VSCO Policies

Other Things to Keep Safe Your Teens Online

This is a very advanced era and we need to encourage and make our children creative. For this purpose they also require some guidance to use various social apps to transfer themself from teenage to adulthood. The parental control software plays an important role in these transitions and makes you feel more secure about their health and safety.

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