How to Post Images & Videos on VSCO and Other Social Medias

How to Publish and Share Your Images

How to post photos and videos on vsco is quite simple and easy which we will learn here. We can share one photo at a time to our vsco profile by selecting a photo from Studio and clicking on the share icon. But we can share multiple photos on other mediums like Instagram, Email, Facebook etc.

  • Firstly click on vsco icon
  • Click on Post to publish the photo to your feed.
  • Vsco also give options to add caption and location on published image screen
  • To share your collection on a social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, or any other, tap on the photos you want to share and tap the share icon.

How to Enable Sharing for Your Social Media Accounts in VSCO

  • Login your account and go to your profile
  • Click on setting icon from the top left
  • Click on social option
  • Here, you’ll find a list of all supported social media accounts for android (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, and WeChat) and ios (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Line, Tumblr, and Weibo).
  • All these accounts are enabled by default. However, if they aren’t, make sure the slider (iOS) or circle (Android) is brown.
  • Make sure you have all these apps installed and signed in into your device to share photos and videos.

Steps to Publish to Individual Accounts

  • Tap the photo or photos you want to share.
  • Next, tap at the bottom of the screen, then “Share” from the list of options that appears. 
  • All you have to do is select the account you want to share the photo(s) with.
  • Each account may respond differently when posting. However, you should provide easy-to-follow tips for everyone to post.
  • If you scroll down to the VSCO sharing options, you will see “More”.
  • Tapping it opens the extended sharing menu for your operating system. 
  • Any supported apps you’ve downloaded to your iPhone / Android device will appear here for you to share in addition to VSCO deals.

How to Set Up Facebook & Twitter (iOS Only)

  • To connect to Facebook, tap “Connect to Facebook”.
  • Sign in with the Facebook app on your phone.
  • If you have the app installed, just tap on “Sign in with the Facebook app” and you’ll be automatically redirected to the Facebook app.

Twitter is a Different Story

  • The first time you tap “Connect to Twitter” you’ll get a message asking you to access Twitter with VSCO.
  • If you accept it, great. Otherwise, the next time you tap “Connect to Twitter” you’ll get a warning asking you to set it up in iOS settings. 
  • Just open the Settings app and select “Twitter”. If you’re already logged in, just activate VSCO below. If not, log in first.

How to Publish to VSCO, Facebook & Twitter Together (iOS Only)

  • Select the photo you want to share.
  • Next, tap the Upload button.
  • On the Post to VSCO screen, make sure Facebook and Twitter are highlighted, then tap the checkmark to share to all services.
  • Note that Twitter doesn’t work on iOS 11 yet, so you’ll have to wait for VSCO to fix it before you can share to Twitter.

How to Post Your Video on VSCO

One of the most powerful and demanding features of vsco is video editing. Users also want to share their videos on their vsco profile and they always request to be given this option. Meanwhile, this option is accessible for premium users as well as iOS users, but hopefully Android users will also benefit from it soon.

Now we come to the point, how to post video on vsco

  • Just click on the plus icon in the top right corner of your Studio and tap the “Video” tab. There, select the video you want to use.
  • Once you’ve selected your video and finished editing, you can use vsco filters and templates in your videos. 
  • Tap “Next” to save your video to your camera roll.
  • Finally, select the video you just edited and saved, and tap the “Post” button at the bottom of the screen, and you can add a title and share your video on VSCO.

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