How to Delete Your VSCO Account in 2022 [Updated]

If you want to delete your VSCO account but don’t know how, you can do it yourself with our help, we’ve outlined some steps you can follow to quickly delete a VSCO account. We can delete accounts on different devices in different ways that we need to learn.

Special Note: Once you submit a deletion request, it may take several hours. Once it is deleted all of your data (images, videos) will also be deleted and can’t be recovered and reactive. 

If you do not want to delete your data, do not delete your account, just disable it by following the procedure given below.

Keep in mind when deleting an account, VSCO membership will not be automatically revoked, you must cancel it separately as it is linked to Apple and Google.

How to Delete VSCO Account on iPhone

This method is applicable for IOS users:

  • Update to iOS v256
  • Open the VSCO app
  • Tap on the profile icon
  • Tap the global menu icon (top left corner)
  • Tap on Settings
  • Tap support
  • Tap Delete My Profile
  • Tap Continue
  • Type the prompted VSCO security phrase
  • Tap Delete VSCO Profile

How to Delete VSCO Account on Android 

Android, Web, Desktop users can follow their specific methods below to delete VSCO accounts.

Delete VSCO Account Created with an Email

On any of your devices sign into the account you want to delete on, and sign in to the same email account on your VSCO mobile app. 

When you sign in to, you are registered as a new device and a confirmation email will be sent to the email associated with your VSCO account. Before deleting your VSCO account, you must confirm the login with the email you were sent, otherwise you will be faced with an error.

Note: Check your Promotions or Spam folder, if you do not receive an email in your inbox, it may take 5 to 15 minutes to receive a confirmation email. 

The device’s new confirmation email looks like this:

After logging in to your VSCO account on the mobile web, you will need to confirm the new device login with the email that was sent to you. Otherwise you will get the following error.

Once your browser / device is verified, you can delete your account on the next screen.

If you encounter this error, please open your email, check your device login, go back to the VSCO account page on the mobile web and enter your password and delete your VSCO account.

Delete VSCO Account Created with a Phone Number

In this section we will learn to delete VSCO accounts that are created with a phone number.

Step 1: Open the VSCO App and sign into your Account with your phone number

Step 2: Click on your Profile tab and click on “Edit“, here you can see your phone number.

Step 3: Update the phone number with a working email you own, but it’s not already registered on VSCO

Step 4: Sign into with the email you just added to your VSCO account on any browser such as Chrome, (not the VSCO app), on any device like mobile/desktop/laptop computer

Note: Check your Promotions or Spam folder, if you do not receive an email in your inbox, it may take 5 to 15 minutes to receive a confirmation email. 

Delete VSCO Account Created with Facebook or Google

In this section we will learn to delete VSCO accounts that are created with Facebook or Google.

  • Open the VSCO App and sign in with your Facebook or Google account.
  • Click on your Profile tab and click on Edit tab, here you can see that email which is linked with your FB or Google account.
  • Sign into with the email associated on any browser, Verify your device using above method
  • After your device verification, re-visit on a browser and sign in.
  • Go to Menu >> Settings >> Delete My Account >> Enter your password >> Delete Account

If you failed to delete your account using all following methods due to any reason, raise your ticket on support and ask them to delete your account.  

How Do I Deactivate My VSCO Account?

VSCO gives you two options to deactivate your account

  1. Deactivate your VSCO profile only and keep your VSCO account active
  2. Deactivate your complete VSCO account including profile

In the first option, you can only deactivate your profile, including Grid, Collections or Journals. (Your profile will no longer be accessible publicly)

The second option will deactivate your entire account — you’ll no longer be able to access your VSCO profile and purchases, and you’ll be unsubscribed from all emails.

Please note: You must be logged in to deactivate your account. Once an account is deactivated, your profile name and email cannot be used to create a new VSCO account in the future.

Deleting the VSCO app does not delete your account or cancel your VSCO membership or 7-day trial. If you have started a VSCO membership trial, you must cancel the trial so that you are not charged after the trial period.

This is the method you can follow to cancel the trial.


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