How Much is VSCO Membership – How to Subscribe & Cancel it

If you want to join VSCO Paid Membership to get premium features and functionalities, you need to pay $19.99/year. As we get limited features in the free plan that forces users to edit photos and videos within them. This is the biggest reason why people move towards paid membership, let’s check if paid membership of VSCO is worthy or not? 

VSCO iPhone Issues and Solutions

The membership program for the VSCO photo and video editing app is called VSCO X which yearly is approximately 20$ yearly. What do we get in VSCO X? How beneficial it is for us, and how it differs from the free plan. In VSCO X, we get dozens of premium filters that cost more than $ 20, which are locked in the free version. 

But it’s a fact that we don’t try all the filters we get, we only use a few filters from the whole collection and we repeat them over and over again. So it is recommended to go for a free trial first and choose the ones you like the most and buy only those. Doing so will also reduce your costs, ranging from $0.99 to $3.99 depending on the collection.

VSCO iPhone Issues and Solutions

VSCO offers a free 30-day VSCO subscription through a trial offer in which you can find all the premium items you get in a paid subscription. Users can take advantage of this offer before purchasing a subscription to identify what they will receive after subscribing to VSCO X. 

This is a great way to attract customers to their membership plan, without knowing about premium filters, it is difficult for consumers to buy it. So if you are interested in knowing what features you will get in a paid VSCO, first get a 30 day free trial offer from their official website.

VSCO iPhone Issues and Solutions

VSCO Subscribing method is simple which is following:

  • Tap the global menu icon (top left corner).
  • Tap on Member Hub.
  • On the VSCO Membership page, tap ‘Subscribe Now’ to start your free 7-day VSCO Membership Trial.

Note: At the end of the free 7 day trial, you will be charged for one year of VSCO membership.

How Do I Cancel My VSCO X Membership?

  • Go to settings on your mobile device.
  • Scroll down and select Plan Info at the bottom of the list.
  • Select Cancel subscription at the top of the page, sign in to your iTunes account if prompted, and then tap Confirm.

What is the Refund Policy?

All payments are made at the end of the free 7-day trial and take place each year after the subscription period. VSCO Support is unable to process a refund.


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