Does VSCO Notify If Someone Screenshot our Profile or Photo

Vsco is a social application which contains photo and video editing capability on IOS and android devices, it was chiefly created for editing the images when you are busy in using social media. Unlike snapchat, you can not see the person who takes a screenshot of your profile or your photos and same thing for the other, they are also not able to see if some takes the screenshot of their timeline. This all because Instagram did not track the behaviour of any user. You will also notice one more thing, besides the vsco does not notify the screenshot and it even doesn’t have a like button on screen.

If you are thinking that someone can tell you some secrets regarding who is taking a screenshot on your profile then this is not true because there is no secret in the world about it. The vsco has a proper notification portion where it notify their users when someone takes action on their account but unfortunately vsco does not give any notification to their user when someone takes a screenshot or recording the screen on another’s profile. 

Is it Possible to See Who Screenshot your VSCO

It is not possible for vsco users to know about the screenshots of their profile. Simply, we can say that it is the perfect application for those people who just take and upload their pictures and have no worry about the number of following, likes and comments etc.

If there is some way to find out who screenshotted your vsco then no doubt you stop taking the screenshots of people’s profile on the app because you become worried that they will know. 

It may lead to one more thing that if people know who takes the screenshot of their vsco then they will also know who is interested in them like they know That’s someone’s crush. It may be your mutual friend whom you never think that he/she can take a screenshot of your pictures, it becomes very useful to know who did it.

It will also allow the people to use it as the starting of conversation when someone has taken a screenshot of their post. If you want that, no one can take a screenshot of your pictures or even you don’t allow any stranger to visit your profile then the only solution is make your profile private. 

The vsco also gives facility to their users to block the other specific user to prevent their profile’s timeline from screenshots. Once you block them then your profile and inside images will not be shown to anyone for a screenshot. You can do this by simply going to the user’s profile and clicking the ellipses menu. Press on block from the sub menu. Now this user will not be able to see as well take a screenshot of your profile.

Can Someone See If You Screenshot Their VSCO

There is no way for anyone to know if you take a vsco screenshot of them whether it’s their profile or picture themselves. Because of some privacy reasons, the vsco administrator did not expose any way if people have screenshotted your profile. So there is no need to change the privacy setting to protect yourself from the fear that someone will see you if you take a screenshot or record the screen of someone’s profile. You can easily save the picture and record the screen of someone’s profile. 

The vsco is similar to other social apps which did not notify theri when someone takes a screenshot whether it may be post, story and or may be their whole profile and they did not even send a message to their DM. However instagram sends notification to the user when some picture or video is received and if we talk about snapchat then it is highly protected it notifies all screenshots like if the chat, snap, story and profile has been screenshotted.  

If you are in a Group Photo, What will be Expectation

Another case, if you are in a group photo with someone and those people post it at their vsco account and by chance you follow him or her then they will think that you have screenshotted from their profile if you don’t have those picture in your camera roll. It is a common thing, when people are in a group photo and if they have not that picture then they like to take a screenshot of that picture as a memory.

If you are close with that person and the whole group wants to take a picture of each other and all of them know that you have saved the picture and the best and quick way to save the picture is taking a screenshot of it. And I can say with my close eye that most of the people will assume that you have taken a screenshot of it. 

How to Screenshot VSCO

You can easily take a screenshot of someone’s vsco on your mobile phone. Various shortcut keys are available for this purpose and in most android phones you can take a screenshot of the screen by pressing the power and volume button together. Android cells also allow this to their users by certain gestures. 

Taking a screenshot on vsco is not a difficult thing that’s why anyone who uses vsco could screenshotted of your profile, comment, post, profile picture and so on and no one here to stop them. If you are using the web version of vsco, you can still take a screenshot on a Mac or Windows computer by using the Snipping tool.

If you are interested in using a shortcut key, on mac press a ctrl+shift+5 button to take a screenshot and for custom screenshot press ctrl+shift+4. On the other hand, press the window key+shift+S to bring the snip tool and take a screenshot as per your need. Sorry to say but I want to clear here that vsco will never ever notify you if someone screenshotted your vsco profile.

Taking Picture from Other Phone

For example you really like some specific photos on someone’s vsco and want to save it in your gallery for all time. Then you should take a picture of that vsco instead of taking a screenshot. If you think that someone will know about your activity by notification, although this is not possible but still need to resolve this anxiety.

Is that Possible to Use Third Party App to Find Out Who Take Screenshot

At present, there is no third party app available that can be used on vsco, that allows you to know if someone screenshot of your profile. It shows that there is no thing that can hack the vsco and use some other app to find out who takes the screenshot. The third party application cannot be used by vsco because vsco does not know who screenshotted your profile and there is no place to source that information on vsco.

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